Elko's Own Barbershop Chorus

Miner Chordsmen

Our name is the Miner Chordsmen.  Within the Barbershop Harmony Society, it is customary to name the group after the community.  Though only a few of us are actually Miner’s (currently) we thought it both an important enough part of the community that it deserved inclusion; and the backbone of Barbershop is the minor chord, so it makes a great play on words (and a little confusion with those who are familiar with music!).

The Society and Preservation of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America Incorporated (or THE SPEBSQSA Inc) was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma in April 1938.  The rather obnoxious name was given as a jest in response to all of the acronyms being developed by the Woodrow Wilson administration.  The focus, as the name implies was to preserve a truly American form of music known as Barbershop Quartet Singing, a four part male style of music that had been popular since the before the 20th century.  A few years ago, the Society began to call itself the Barbershop Harmony Society and this is the 75th year of the Society.

The Elko Chapter started November 2011, we currently are building our membership to meet the requirements with the Society to become a Chartered Chapter.  We hope to have this accomplished soon.  We are available to sing at community events, bar mitzvahs, hangings, and other fancy affairs.  We meet on Monday evenings at 6:00PM at the Elko High School Choralier’s classroom in the senior’s Building.  You do not have to be a musician to join us, you just have to love to sing.